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I meet the London based four-piece rock band ’Duke Of Wolves’ at the dimly lit and quaint ’Social’ bar in Oxford Circus. There is an exhilarating energy in the air as the band join in me, in one of the booths at the back of the bar. They are everything I expected after hearing their music - edgy, vibrant, intoxicating and down right charming.

With only an hour to go till showtime they are full of eager anticipation to take the stage. Despite the task ahead, they remain cool and collected as we sat down to talk about their upcoming projects, latest track ’Teddy Boy’ and the various sources of inspiration behind their latest track.  

The band formed naturally when school friends Jim and Orlando began producing music together, later joined by their drummer Tom with Sara on bass and backing vocals, completing the band. 

The eclectic foursome have been growing strong since making enormous progress, having just released ’Teddy Boy’ - a commentary on the importance of being comfortable within your own skin - which is sure to take their success to new, dizzying highs. 

Alongside their new release, this summer they kept busy headlining across various venues and festivals and are continuing to develop their music to reflect their own sense of style, in the hopes of making a name for themselves within the fierce competition that characterises the music industry. 

How did you meet and form ’Duke Of Wolves’?

We are all from musical backgrounds, having trained in music or being musicians in previous bands. I have known Orlando for a long time, and have admired his work on lead guitar, so working together came naturally. Tom later joined the band on drums and Sara was then added to the mix on bass and backing vocals. We are all very different from each other, which I think separates us from other bands within the industry. 

Tell us more about your latest track ’Teddy Boy’?

The song ’Teddy Boy’ isn’t about the trend itself, which is a British subculture style inspired by styles worn within the Edwardian period. The song itself is a observational commentary, about how fashion can powerfully dictate the personalities of the people that follow them. People place a lot of judgement on fashion, as soon as someone dresses a particular way they are stereotyped. Our song asks people to be themselves,  no matter what and be comfortable in their own skin.

What artists inspire your music?

I think people believe because we dress alternatively that our music taste falls under a similar style. However people are always surprised to know that we have varied taste, we love everything from classical music to hip hop. We find inspiration in whatever genre of music we are enjoying, our music is  compared to the likes of  ’Muse’ and ’Rage Against The Machine’ whom greatly inspire us but generally we like to take a varied approach in terms of what we listen to. 

How do you keep motivated in such a competitive industry?

I think its important to only focus on your work, and not compare yourself to others. You need to have total belief that what your creating is the best, otherwise no one else will. As a band you have to visualise what you want, and follow the steps in order to achieve it.

What do you think of the direction the music industry is headed in?

For along time within the industry major labels had a huge influence over the bands they were signing to produce certain types of music. Nowadays musicians are taking a more DIY approach and producing their music via the internet, without management therefore they have more control over what their creating. Gender equality is becoming more prominent within todays society, with more alternative bands having a female leading them. Each week we promote a different band on Instagram, we make sure that a fair percentage of them are female fronted or have female band members. It should just be about the music, people need to embrace that, and sexuality does not differentiate anyone’s success.

What upcoming projects are you currently working on?

We have quite a few festivals lined up, we recently played our launch gig to promote our new EP. We are also working with the BBC soon, were doing an acoustic session so overall its a very exciting time for us, as were continuing to produce more music and develop our songwriting.

Tell us something unusual about yourselves?

Asides from our love of cooking as a band were very politically active, most of our songs have contain a  political message! 

Duke of Wolves’s latest track ’Teddy Boy’ is out now and for all their latest new head to www.facebook.com/dukeofwolves

Interview by Georgia Packham Anderson

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