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Over his career, London based, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer, Prash Mistry, has worked with some of music’s biggest names. As the brainchild of bass group, Engine Earz, Mistry has made waves with his distinct mix of live and electronic sounds. 

Mistry’s talents seem unstoppable with him also being involved in the creation of media organisation, Arms House. Engine Earz have worked with Grammy award-winning jazz bassist John Benitez and Foreign Beggars, to name a couple, these collaborations have gained Prash recognition for his proliferate talents as not only a producer, but a songwriter too. 

The latest project from Engine Earz Experiment, has grown into a melting pot of different genres and features acts from Aloe Bacc, Akala and Ane Brun. 

The collective’s new album, Symbol, is signed to Circus Records who gave us the heads up on electro/dance track, Impossible ft. Jenna G. Impossible sits beside some competition on the album with it being packed full with a blend of subcontinent sound. Mistry’s talent for engineering music has shaped the track with layers of strong beats along with powerful vocals, in turn, creating the illusion of an ’out-of-body’ mix. The celestial creation is easy listening with smooth sounds and we are incredibly excited to have this track premiering on 1883. 

To buy or stream the album Symbol click here and for all the latest on Engine Earz Experiment

head to www.engine-earz.com

Words by Hannah Shin

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