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Sublime guitar riffs, exploding drum sounds and exhilarating vocals – that’s what Faux are all about. Just recently the rising pop-rock band have unveiled their latest single ’Hot Headed’, the first release after their successful EP ’Inhale’ last year. Born-and-bred in Southampton, the foursome consists of Lee (vocals), Daly (guitar), Luke (bass) and James (drums).

They are currently touring with Counterfeit on the UK-leg of their tour, showing their home country what they’ve got in store. On the day of their last stop of the tour we had a chat with Faux at Drink, Shop & Do about their upcoming single, their all-time favourite songs plus we have the video premiere of new track ’Around’.

How did you all meet and ultimately decide to form Faux?

Lee: I met Luke through the gigging circuit and the others just joined. Now we are what we are. We all just wanted to do something a bit more pop-rock than we were previously doing so it all came together organically.

What is the meaning behind your band name?
We just wanted it to be something short and memorable, like a nice word. Then we came across “Faux” and that’s it really. It was just a nice word that we like and it worked. We had a look around and no other bands were named like it so it made sense.

How did your shoot at the Drink Shop & Do in Kings Cross go the other day?
It was really, really fun. It was one of our first proper photoshoots so yeah, we had good fun.

So you are currently on tour with Counterfeit! How has it been so far, and in which city has been your favourite show?
So far we have learned loads just about touring in general. It has been really fun but the whole situation has been so organized, like we have never done it before. And we have learned a lot from that. The best show has been London, it was sold out and the biggest venue. It was Counterfeit’s hometown show so everyone was proper up for it.

In the video to ’Inhale’ – the lead song of your same-titled EP - you are based at the seaside. Why did you decide to shoot it there and did you face any difficulties while shooting?
It was a good day! We were just very dependent on the environment so the night before we were worried if it was going to rain or be sunny. But that’s always a risk because obviously when you’re filming, lighting is key. Luckily we’ve kind of had a nice day to film the video. It was cold but it worked out very well.

What are you usually up to when not on tour or in the studio?
Well, other than work, which we won’t go into because no one likes to talk about work, we spend a lot of time together writing songs. Just general normal stuff. We like to play football, rugby, anything outside really. We are quite outdoorsy people.

Which artists do you look up to and why those?
First of all The 1975, because they sort of had an idea and stuck to it, and it went well. And we really like their music, we kinda grew up listening to them. Then Biffy Clyro’because they have done the whole rock and pop thing really well. Also bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen because they are doing great indie pop/rock.

Name one song that is your all-time favourite. What connects you with it?

Lee: R Kelly -Trapped in the Closet, because I can really relate to the story line

Luke: Outcast – Ms Jackson, because it’s got a banging rhythmic section, banging choruses and it’s from the 90’s. It is everything a song should be.

James: Jimmy Eat World – The Middle, because it’s just an absolute banger and the perfect pop song.

Daly: The Clash - London Calling, because it’s the first song I remember having listened to. It’s what I grew up on.

Tell me more about your new single ’Around’. Did you base the lyrics on real life events?
Lee: It’s kind of a different song for us, like more driving and confident. All of our songs are a lot more bipolar – they are quiet and then loud. It sort of came out of me and it was what it was. It probably was about something relevant in my life but I’m not totally sure what it was yet. Everything what we write lyrically is what’s going on around me.

What more can we expect from you this year?

Along with with our new video for ’Around’ premiering on 1883 there are plans for a lot more content, music videos and hopefully a lot more touring. At the moment our heads are just with the last show tonight with Counterfeit in Brighton, that’s what we are looking forward to. Then relaxing.


Check out the video premiere for thier new video ’Around’ below and for all their latest info head to

Interview Antonia Künzel

Photography Anne Laymond

Location Drink Shop & Do, Kings Cross

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