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Brothers Harry and Alfie form two halves of Irish folk duo Hudson Taylor. Coming from a household brimming with creativity, and with a musician for a father, it was surely no surprise that the boys should choose to devote themselves to music. Forming a name for themselves via their Youtube channel and by busking to large crowds in their native Dublin, they’re primed for large-scale success in 2018 with a string of headline shows, a European tour and plenty of new music in the pipeline.

We sit down and chat to the boys, fresh off the back of recent releases ‘Feel It Again’ and ‘Run With Me’. With characteristically charismatic flair they talk about their unique musical beginnings, their idiosyncratic sound, and how they avoid family disputes when working in such close proximity.

How did you get started in music?

Harry: Eight years ago we brought a guitar on family holiday and starting jamming on the beach, doing covers, which turned into what we do now. Some German people who heard us on the beach suggested we put the covers on YouTube - this was 2008 - and we started going busking on streets of Dublin. Through all this we built up a nice foundation to start doing it [professional music] properly and then we moved from covers to original material.

You forged your career busking on the streets of Dublin, so you must know it pretty well - where would you say are the best places the city has to offer?

Harry: My favourite place to go for drinks is Grogan’s — the most ‘old man’ pub in the city, which also does the best Guinness in the the whole city. And I like Grafton Street for busking, especially during Christmas when it’s lit up beautifully with lights.

You’re a musical duo made up of two brothers, most people don’t get on too well with their siblings - how do you guys make it work?

Harry and Alfie: There’s always going to be moments — it comes with the territory — but we get on well. We are wary of spending too much time together, and it’s never kicked off, touch wood!

How would you describe your song-writing process?

Alfie: It varies — sometimes we’re in a room and an idea comes, sometimes we’re on stage and an idea comes!

Harry [interjects]: And then we’re scrambling for the nearest phone to get it recorded!

Alfie: Every day we come up with lyrics.

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Alfie: We grew up in the same house so we have a lot of shared influences; The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, The Beatles — and I saw ACDC when I was 11

Harry [interjects]: Alfie was aged 12 with a pink mohawke!


Who do you most want to work with in the industry?

Alfie: Paul Mccartney, Ringo Starr…I’d love to meet them, never mind work with them!

Harry: I’d love to work with Conor O’Brien [of the band Villagers]

How would you describe your sound to someone who had never heard your music before?

Harry: Acoustic, with vocal harmonies. A combination of folk and rock, learned along the way of 8 years of music. There’s a large storytelling element as well. With the new music, there’s a band around us and a bigger sound — we’re still learning and developing.

I understand you’ve been touring quite a lot, what’s your funniest gig story?

Harry and Alfie: There’s plenty of fun and private jokes on tour, so many dull moments interrupted by laughter.

Finally, what have you got planned for 2018?

Alfie: At the end of January there’s a UK tour and then one in Europe. We’re releasing loads of music, there’s a new video — we’re all over the place! We’re going to keep writing and touring and these are loose plans but we’re working towards an EP in spring and we’ve just put out new single ‘Run With Me’.

’Run with Me’ is out now and for more info and tour dates head to www.hudsontaylormusic.com

Interview Megan Wallace

Photography Anna Urik 

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