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Jake Isaac is intimidatingly cool when I met him on a sunny afternoon by Tower Bridge. A South Londoner with Caribbean roots he has already had massive success in Europe selling out headline shows in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.  

Jake’s tracks have been streamed by millions, he has independently released four EP’s, playing each instrument. With top 10 hits on the iTunes charts plus tours with Ella Eyre and Paloma Faith, he has since been picked up by the legendary Rocket Management, who have work with the likes of Elton John and Ed Sheeran.  We chat to the singer about the difference between ‘Popcorn Music’ and ‘Sunday Roast’, single ‘Long Road’, up coming album ‘Our Lives’ and his UK tour later this year.

What was it like signing to Rocket Management who have signed well known musicians such as Ed Sheeran and Elton John?

It didn’t fully hit me till I walked through the door of the company, it was only when I entered the office I really allowed the sensation of being signed to Rocket Management hit me. They are a fantastic entertainment group, they allow the artists to have huge creative input and really take into consideration what the fans enjoy.

When your not creating music, how else do you spend your time? 

I have recently become fortunate enough to have a son - he is three and a half weeks old, who keeps me very busy!  When I am not creating my own music, I am writing for other artists. Before creating my own work I used to be a session musician then moved into songwriting for other musicians. Writing for other artists when i’m taking a break from creating myself, is a massive privilege and constantly keeps me in the zone. 

Tell us more about your new single ’Long Road’, and the inspiration behind the lyrics?

’Long road ’ was about the start of my career within the music industry, I experienced a lot of frustration overcoming the difficulties of breaking into the industry. I felt like I was being consistently told how to portray my image as a musician and how I should develop my song writing. ’Long Road’ means a lot to me, as its a musical exploration of how I personally overcame these challenges. 

Your a new album ’Our Lives’ is out 5th May, can you tell us more about this collection of songs? 

’Our Lives’ is a collection of very honest songs, they are songs for everyone, which I believe everyone can relate to in someway. Some of the songs come from my own personal experiences in my life or from friends. I have a lot of male friends who like myself would find it difficult to express themselves or be vulnerable. Some of the music from ’Our Lives’ explores this subject. When I begin writing songs I don’t always necessarily start with lyrics in mind, I find inspiration for ideas sometimes from something unusual like colour or draw from my emotions and begin constructing a concept for a song in my mind.

What was it like touring with Ella Eyre and Paloma Faith?

It was an absolute blast, I played to eight thousand people - it was incredibly nerve racking but I managed to maintain my professionalism and the crowd were fantastically supportive. I gained a great deal of knowledge about how to master the delivery of a good performance. Paloma scouted me on Youtube, which was an amazing feeling. I knew Ella from working with her at The Great Escape festival, we had already established a good connection and I was a fan of her work before she asked me to tour with her. 

Growing up did you always want to be a musician? 

Growing up I didn’t see any other career choice as an option, before producing my own work I worked as a session musician. I remember at one point however I did want to be a pilot, then my mother took me for an eye test and found out I was colour blind! 

What are your hopes for your career in the future?

I would love to continue playing at larger venues, producing music and developing my song writing skills. I would also like to help establish the careers of young and upcoming artists. 

What do you think of today’s generation of music?

I think at the moment the music industry is producing two different types of music, something that I like to call ’Popcorn Music’ and ’Sunday Roast’. My idea of ’Popcorn Music’ are the fun, happy and up beat songs that consistently change and are in fashion over a short period of time. I believe every generation has had music like this, which we all love and appreciate. ’Sunday Roast’ music, are those songs which never go out of fashion and are legendary throughout the ages. They have a heavier and more sincere sound. We have an interesting mix of these styles of music at the moment,  I am curious to see which artists are remembered for making great music in the years to come. I think today its very easy for an upcoming musicians work to be heard, social media is making it easier for people to produce their own material and get it out there!

What other projects are you working on this year?

This year is definitely hectic, as I’m working on a lot, however I am very excited about the work I’m currently producing and will be releasing. As you know I have been working on ’Long Road’ and ’Our Lives’ which I will be promoting and touring this year. I will be touring London, Glasgow, Manchester and Bristol in September which I’m very excited.


Jake’s album ‘Our Lives’ is out on May 5th, via Virgin and you can pre-oder here, and check out the video for ’Long Road’ below.
For his latest news and tour dates head to www.facebook.com/iamjakeisaac and follow him via @iamjakeisaac

Interview by Georgia Packham Anderson


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