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Rising urban-pop singer Leah Kate shows us more in depth lyricism and sound with her new track “Have To Forget”. Coming off the recent success of “I See You” and summer bop “LA”, Kate is walking is down a more personal path with this new single.

The moody, minimal electro-pop track is an ode to coming to terms with having to let go of something despite not wanting to and having acceptance, the receptive use of the words “Forget about you” highlights this urge, stating herself in a recent interview “I typically have a lot of trouble letting go of anything or anyone. Anything from moving apartments to ending chapters, it’s hard for me to get over things. This song was written about my difficulty letting go of someone that I knew I needed to”.

This coming EP acts much of a mixtape, as Kate explores many subjects within her personal relationships and slowly unravels her experiences along the way and eventually finds her truth. Despite being an EP made for everyone to hear, it’s really a love letter to herself. “The words really capture how I struggle with letting go and how I love to go for things even if I know they’re bad for me. This song acts as an anthem to help me let go and move on from things that I know might not be best”.

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By Ashley Morris @ashleyfreya_

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