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Liz Asaro is an upcoming New York based singer, songwriter and last month, she released her long awaited single ‘1000 Years’, a high energy filled, alt-pop track that has caught the attention of Vents, SoundDigest, and more.

We caught up with Liz to talk about her forthcoming album, guilty pleasures, and everything in between.

Can you give us a little background on how you got into the music industry?

It started with my kids taking guitar lessons. I loved their guitar teacher, and I took a few lessons from him. In my third lesson he was like “we have this rock band class where you take 7 classes and then play at Kenny’s Castaways on Bleecker Street” and that was my dream. So I took the class and I met some friends and we formed our own band. Later on, I found more professional people to play with and through that I found people to write with. So that’s kinda how it all started.

You just released your debut single ‘1000 Years’, and it’s quite a tune. Can you tell us the inspiration behind it?

I wrote that in Ireland actually, and I was at one of the most amazing spots on the ocean. In regards to the inspiration, I think about the concept of how each one of us are so significant, yet so tiny. I always tend to wonder what happened right here in this spot 10 years ago or 100 years ago and so on. That song is meant to ask people, to ask themselves, what’ve they learned so far and would they have done something different 1000 years ago than they would’ve done today?

Typically what is your writing process like?

It’s been pretty different with each song. ‘1000 Years’ started with us just writing chords, but I’ve also written songs in the shower where the melodies come to me, and I’ll end up recording them on my phone. Sometimes I’ll have a bunch of snippets of voice recordings and I’ll go in with another writer and lay down the music to it. But as soon as I get a melody, the words come.

I hear that you’re making your first album. Can you tell us how that’s going?

It’s going well. I have about 10 or 11 songs that are already finished, and now I’m writing with some new writers. We’re trying to get a combination of the new and old songs to make either an EP or an album, depending on how they go together. I’ve been really lucky to have some amazing people around me, so it’s been good.

When you’re not in the studio making music, what does a typical day for you look like?

Getting up and thinking ‘where do my kids have to be?’ I have 3 kids, so most days are a combination of my music and whatever they do.

Who are some artists you’re currently listening to?

I love 21 Pilots right now, I’m kinda obsessed with them. But I also love Sia, and The Chainsmokers. I look for rock, or anything that’s got a kind of cool, edgy tone to it.

Do you have any guilty pleasure artists?

I love all 80’s music, or anything that’s just fun, pop stuff. As much as I like to complain that people play Ed Sheeran over and over, there are a couple of his songs that I just love. I’m trying to keep rock alive, but I’m a huge pop fan as well.

What are your upcoming plans for later this year?

Finishing the EP is the utmost important. But we’re also gonna start looking for some bands to open with, and book some stuff in the UK and New York. So yeah, mainly just getting gigs booked.

Is there anything you want to leave us with?

Not to be negative, but I’m a little sad about the recent passing of Chester Bennington. I’m a huge Linkin Park fan, as well as 90’s rock. I love rock, electronic, and modern stuff, and I’m trying to recreate that with my music, something that speaks to today’s market. I’m determined to keep rock alive and to keep real music instruments in my music.


Check her track ’1000 Years’ below and for all her latest news head to www.lizasaro.com

Interview by Hailey Johnson

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