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London On Da Track is a living legend in the US Hip-Hop scene, without a doubt. Producing hit singles for the likes of Young Thug, Tyga, Kodak Black and even Drake, he is one of the highest anticipated producers in the game and never fails to disappoint with any of his unique and versatile productions.

Only last year he has decided to step it up a notch and finally launched his career as a recording artist himself. For his songs as a rapper he recruited only the best artists in the scene as his features, including Nicki Minaj, Ty Dolla Sign or Jeremih, and so far he didn’t fail to prove to us that he does not only have the needed skills as a music producer but also as an artist. We had a chat with him where he unveiled us the reason for choosing his new direction, selecting collaborators and more.

Let’s start with the basics, for those who don’t know you – what have been the highlights of your career so far?

Producing hit records for some of the biggest artists including Young Thug, Drake, French Montana, Nicki Minaj, Kodak Black and more.

Taking my live DJ career to the next level by touring Europe.

Having multi-platinum hit records.

You have now entered a new phase of your career as a recording artist rather than being a producer only. First of all, what made you choose this path now?

I have always been an artist, I started off rapping and turned to producing as a way to get better beats for myself as an artist. By getting my foot in the door through production it has allowed me to now express myself musically as an artist and now as live touring act as well.

Do you think there is ever the right timing for a new phase or did you think about it for a long time?

There wasn’t a specific time, I just worked hard and stayed consistent in what I am doing and kept moving forward with my career. 

You obviously have enormous experience as a producer – do you feel under more pressure for your own projects now that you have delved into the recording side of things as well?

No, I give 100% to every beat and song I produce; whether its for myself or for a major artist. That’s the L.I.V. brand, my label – Live In Volume, everything me and my team do is A grade.

Ever since, you have released singles as a recording artist with some high-profile artist. Do you go about choosing the artist from your past experiences in terms of producing or how do you select the features?

I work best in the studio directly with the artist, we can vibe with each other and work on music live. For example, when I am working with Young Thug he’ll hear me working on a beat and go right in the booth and lay down bars.

Who have been some of your favourite collaborators to date, and why?

Young Thug, Kodak Black, French Montana, Drake, Nicki Minaj. 

Would you ever consider collaborating with some of the rappers and singers in the UK? There is a lot of talent around here as well?

Yes, I’ve been in the studio with Octavian and AJ Tracey and they are super talented for sure, we made some hits while I was here.

As someone who has been around in the Hip hop game for quite some time now, how do you feel about the current state of music?

Hip hop is winning right now, you hear it from the streets to the top of the charts in pop music.

Clearly there is a quite a new wave of rappers in the States, who do you think will stick around?

Everyone from YSL and L.I.V. records for sure.

Can your fans and listeners expect an album soon too, or is there anything else you have been cooking up?

My fans know I stay in the studio with the hottest artists around, we working hard right now so y’all will hear some big things soon from me and my brother Young Thug and Gunna.

For his latest news head to www.wegotlondonondatrack.com

Interview by Antonia Künzel

Photographer Ray Fiasco

Styling Philipp Raheem

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