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Maven Grace’s debut single ‘Innocent Dreams’ is elegant dream pop with a message. They expertly layer traditional harmonies with electronic beats and soaring guitar riffs. The mixture of sounds, imagery and different languages make for a constantly shifting and intriguing listen.

The four-piece hail from Hong Kong, Connemara, Rome and London but have returned to Ireland to film their first music video. Through combining influences, identities and experiences they have created something rather wonderful. Singer Jason Magnus explains Maven Grace as “a group of childhood friends whose lives have flung us to the four corners of the earth” before reuniting to write and produce music together. Part of the unique appeal of ‘Innocent Dreams’ comes from being forced to work independently, separated by continents, seas and vastly different time zones. The band has clearly taken this challenge into their strength describing their song writing process as “creatively connected but often separated by thousands of miles, we end up writing music that would never be produced if we were always sitting in the same room”.

The stunning video shot by director Tom Stoddart was shot entirely on location in Connemara. The unspoilt landscape and pure natural beauty of the Connemara complements the songs themes of wanderlust, homesickness and alienation. When Maven Grace reunite in ‘Innocent Dreams’ one message in particular is clear, this meeting is only the beginning of a far greater story about to unravel.

For the latest on Maven Grave visit www.mavengrace.com

Words by Sam Stone

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