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Milestones are a melodic pop-punk band set to accomplish great things for 2017. Starting in June they will support Canadian band Simple Plan on their EU/UK tour, after which they will go on to play at the Cheltenham 2000 Festival alongside bands such as Slaves and Nothing But Thieves.

The band is also set to play one of their largest gigs to date at the infamous 2,300 capacity 02 Forum in London. Pretty impressive stuff considering the fact they have been busy working away in the studio ahead of the release of their debut album via Fearless Records later this year.

So what is in store for Milestones, how did they come together and how important is emo music in 2017? 1883 find out more about what makes the band tick.

How did you come up with the name for your band, Milestones?

We spent along time brainstorming different names, but Milestones really resonated with us as artists. It illustrates the ethos of our band, which is to always strive for the best and continue to push ourselves as artists!

Where did you grow up, and how did you form Milestones?

We grew up in various different parts of Manchester and before we met we were all experienced musicians as we had grown up being in bands. We had all reached a stage where we were looking to collaborate with musicians who were dedicated to playing and wanting to develop a career within the same genre that we all have a passion for.

What/who inspires your music?

We like to make every song we produce diverse and like to create our own unique sound. However we do take inspiration from the early 2000’s and the music emo bands created at this time. We love musicians such as Bring Me the Horizon - their sound helped us create our new track ’Equal Measures’. We listened to a lot of music from the period Bring me the Horizons began creating music and then added our own modernised twist and blueprint to the emo genre.

If you weren’t musicians what other careers would you have pursued?

Landscape Gardener! - Mark

Writing for film!-Drew

Properly something mathematical- Matt


How do you feel about your upcoming tour?

Of course we’re extremely excited, we are especially looking forward to performing in mainland Europe and America. It’s going to a very challenging but incredible experience for us musicians.

Tell us something unusual about yourselves?

We have our own language; we use the word Richardson for everybody! We even refer to our girlfriends by this nickname! We also used to work at Tesco, so we’re big fans of their Clubcards and cheap wine!

Why should people listen to your music?

We shed light on older emo bands such as Paramore, we stay true to the original sounds these bands produced. There is something for everyone in our music, the lyrics are easily relatable and you can take a lot of meaning from what we create.

What direction do you think the emo genre is headed in?

We think people still very much listen to this genre of music especially the music bands created ten years ago and can still enjoy it. Bands such as Fall Out Boy used to be iconic, and now we have been very much taken over by commercial sounds. However saying that, trends always tend to reappear so we believe this genre of music is and will make a great resurgence.


Milestones debut EP ’Equal Measures’ is out now via iTunes. For the bands latest news and tour dates head to  www.milestonesband.co.uk.

Interview by Georgia Packham Anderson

Photography Anna Urik

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