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I meet the MOBO nominated, British-Nigerian Moelogo at Relentless Music Studio on London’s Denmark Street. He is genuine, charismatic and above all a talented musician. Known for his powerful lyrics and mixing hip-hop with soul and grime, Moelogo is currently riding the wave of success with singles ’Shine Your Light’ and ’Sometimes I Pray’ featuring the incredible Tiggs Da Author. He uses music as a way to empower the younger generation to be themselves and to do what they love, even if it doesn’t conform to the majority.

With performances at the legendary Boiler Room, Red Bull Studios plus the pre-MOBO Awards Party where he was nominated for ‘Best African Act’, we were lucky to grab some time with the star to chat about his background, collaborating with Tiggs Da Author and upcoming projects.

Where did you grow up and did you always want to be a musician?

I grew up in Nigeria and moved to England when I was ten years old! My mother wanted me to come live with her, so it made sense coming to live here. I have always enjoyed music even when I was living in Nigeria. I was very close to my grandmother who would take me to church and it was there where my passion for music grew as I participated in the choir. 

How does the music scene in Nigeria differ from the music scene in London? 

Personally I don’t believe it’s that different. I think it’s relatively the same in terms of how music is produced. I think, however, within the music industry every artist’s journey is different in terms of what they have experienced or dealt with in their lives and how this influences their music. 

Tell us more about ’Shine Your Light’ and does the little boy in the video represent you?

The little boy doesn’t represent me, he represents a journey that I created. The boy’s mother isn’t there so he is alone in the world at a young age having to look after himself and come to terms with being in such a painful situation. I wanted this journey to represent and give reassurance to people going through difficult situations that everything will work out eventually. 

Many publications have said what makes you different as an artist is your use of eclectic sounds and meaningful lyrics. Is this a personal decision or something you do to make yourself stand out?

I would say a combination of both. My sound has always been very personal to me and has been from the start of my musical career, however, I also use this mixture to set me apart from other artists. I like creating music that will make people stop and be curious to learn more about what is behind the meaning of the lyrics, instead of disregarding it as “another song” that they hear. 

Aside from your two new releases, do you have any other projects that you’re currently working on?

I have a lot of collaborations that I am working on at the moment which will be released this year. I am also working on more music videos - I’m planning to produce five more this year to continue promoting myself! I feel really grateful for the success I have experienced this year so far and working with Tiggs Da Author has been amazing (For our feature wiht Tiggs click here).

I love his music and it was an exceptional experience working on the video with him for ’Sometimes I Pray’. I always want to develop music with people who I feel a deep connection with and it was great to collaborate with him. I want to continue discovering artists during my career who share the same musical values to create music with. 

How did you and Tiggs Da Author get together to collaborate?

I have always been a fan of his work even in his early days. I reached out to him in hopes of creating some music together. He invited me to the studio to listen to some pieces he was currently in the process of developing. From that point onwards we got on very well and discovered we were both passionate about producing the same style of work. 

What advice would you give to someone wanting to have a career in the music industry?

Be yourself, above everything else, and find out how to make music relatable to others and inspire.


Meologo’s track ’Shine Your Light’ is out now to downlaod via this link and check out the video below.
For his latest info head to www.facebook.com/MoeLogo1 or follow him via @moelogo 

Interview by Georgia Packham Anderson

Photography Stephanie YT

Video by Killer Showreels

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