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Mollie King – mostly known for being a member of the chart-hitting British girl group The Saturdays – is not only a singer. Next to her love for music, the multi-talented power woman is also a presenter, model and former member of the British ski team.

At the moment she is not only working on her solo career with a brand new single coming out soon, but will also be starring in the BBC TV show Strictly Come Dancing. We sat down with her for a chat about The Saturdays, getting ready for Strickly, her love of dancing and the upcoming single ‘Hair Down’.

From The Saturdays to your solo career - what has been your career highlight?

There have been so many! I have been so fortunate. Sell-out tours with The Saturdays have been incredible, performing at Wembley. We also had a TV Show in, I think, 47 countries. That was a big highlight, too.

Is there anything you haven’t achieved just yet but is still on your list?

I always want to keep achieving, with everything that I do. I want to keep releasing music, I have my new single coming out. I love performing, I love working in fashion as well.

Yeah, you’re a model every now and then – how do you combine it with music?

I love to be busy, I don’t have a lot of time off. Music feels like my first love and fashion is a passion I’d like to have on the other side. I think they work together quite well, music and fashion. I think with music it’s also about the general look of everything so they go hand in hand. I also love to work with stylists and great make-up artists or hair-stylists as well so I’ve got a great team around me.

You’re also a presenter, plus you were the first contestant to be announced for Strictly Come Dancing – can you tell us a bit about that?

Yes, so I’m taking part in Strictly Come Dancing, I’m so excited! So, so excited. I can’t wait to learn all the dances and see who my dance partner is and just throw myself into it. I just can’t wait. I love dancing. I haven’t been trained so I’m starting from fresh. But I’m just gonna put in as many hours in the day as possible and really try to learn as much as I possibly can.

That’s amazing. How do you stay motivated, though? Do you have a secret formula?

I’m lucky I love what I do! So it’s not hard to find the motivation. I love performing, I love recording music videos so it’s just something I wake up naturally wanting to do.

So tell us about your upcoming single ‘Hair Down’! Why did you decide to choose a solo career?

With The Saturdays we wanted to go on a break for a little while, so for me music is my number one love. It seems like the right thing to carry on and do it solo. I’ve been in the studio for nearly two years now and can’t wait to release this song. It’s really up-beat, gets you on the dancefloor – you will not be able to help but dance to it, so I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

You’ve also been part of the British ski team, why did you not choose skiing as a career?

I started skiing when I was six, and I was on the team from 12 years onwards and I loved it but I would always go to bed and dream of performing, that was always what I dreamt of. I always dreamt of being a popstar.

You are a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, what was the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

I just love it when you can go really fast – driving, skiing. I’d be on my skis and go up to 75miles an hour – that was when I was 12. I just like to keep up the pace!

What does a typical day in your life look like?

No day is the same, they are completely different! It’s often a very early start, at 5 am. It could be a photoshoot, music, a choreography, or an interview. There’s so many parts in my job!


What do you like doing when you have a day off?

I love seeing my family. I also have a dog whom I absolutely adore. With him it’s a bonus. I like seeing friends, going to the cinema, just relaxing really.

What else is next for you?

My main focus is my single and Strictly Come Dancing. So they will be taking up all of my time. Next year I’ll have my follow-up single so it’s going to be a few very busy months!


Mollie Kings single ’Hair Down’ is out Friday 1st September. Catch her on ’Strictly Come Dancing’ on from Saturday 9th September on BBC1.

For all of Mollie’s latest news head to www.mollieking.com.

Interview Antonia Künzel

Photography Jack Alexander 

Styling Tamara Borodaneva

Hair Alex Price at Frank Agency using Batiste

Make-Up Celena Hancock using Urban Decay

Shot and edited by Logan Irvine-MacDougal

Location bobby Fitzpatrick, London






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