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With the release of the video for his latest track “Once More,” we have team up with Amsterdam-based alt-R&B artist Nambyar who has put together an excusive playlist along with a track break down for 1883 including such artists such as 10cc, Jai Paul, Thundercat and James Blake.


10cc - I’m Not In Love

When I grew up my dad would listen to 10cc all the time, I never understood the lyrics but loved the way the vocals sounded. 2 years ago the song kicked in and I suddenly understood what he was saying, I could really connect with the song. Its about going through a weird vase in your life not knowing what to feel. I really feel like this all the time 

The sound of this song is great, they really captured something here.. its timeless.

Thundercat - Lava Lamp

This year I heard this guy 4 the first time, Its crazy how this guy plays the bass. This song reminds me of my youth, maybe because it reminds me of some 80’s songs. It feels right away and I love the lyrics:

’m so tired

Where can I lay my head?

I’ll just close my eyes

Hope I wake up dead

Don’t want to live without you

Don’t leave me out here to die

Stephen Bruner, known by his stage name Thundercat, is a truly unique figure in American music, bringing jazz and the bass guitar to the forefront of the electronic and hip-hop scene with artists like Kendrick Lamar and Flying Lotus. 

XXYYXX - About You

This a pretty old song but still it hits me every time 

It’s like a wave that grows and grows until it breaks and hits you

I love the beat and synths they are so tight and well produced.

Sevdaliza - Hero

This woman is also from the NL. 

Joel my Key player has written some songs with Sevdaliza on her new album Ison. In this song Sevdaliza explores the complicated relationship that exists between mother and child. After the gift of life is given through birth, feelings of rejection and unwantedness can obscure a loving relationship, while the idea of a mother as a "hero" remains—an emotion that Sevdaliza conveys beautifully through carefully-chosen, poetic lyrics. Mucky the producer has great skills, he knows how and where to put his sounds. I think this is one of the best Artist that the Netherlands has given in the last couple of years. 

Anna Wise - Precious Possession

I never heard of this artist until I heard this song. It reminded me of James Blake ‘Unluck’ right away. I love the sounds and prophet synths floating through this song.

Nambyar - Once More

Once More was one of the first songs I wrote when I was hold up in my studio figuring out how to make a change in my life’ 

For the first time I was singing on my own not listening to others and really focussing on what I wanted to tell and say. The production is really basic layered with 3 synths. I was going 4 simplicity something that didn’t need much but would feel right away. When I wrote this song I new I created Nambyar

Cubicolor - Falling

Another great artist from the Netherlands. I met Peter kriek the producer and songwriter of Cubicolor 2 years ago. He mixed the first song of Nambyar ‘warm in the winter’ that came out this winter. He truly inspirers me with his sounds and way of producing. They had there first show a couple of months ago and they blew me away. This song is like a rush of blood through the head. Also check out their album : Brain Sugar

Sohn - Signal

I am following these guys 4 years now and every time they comes back they amaze me. I went to their concert in Amsterdam and they nailed it. Their sounds are always on point and his vocals are sharp as a knife. These guy’s inspire me and know how to be real.

Nambyar - Warm in the winter

This song came out this winter, i wrote it while looking out my window listening to the birds singing, feeling sad about the fact one day we all become memories.

Nambyar ‘Once More’ is out now via this link

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