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Nina Nesbitt first burst onto the music scene five years ago when she was discovered by Ed Sheeran and subsequently supported the growing star on tour at just 17. Her 2013 single ‘Stay Out’ reached the Top 40 UK Singles Chart and a successful premier album, ‘Peroxide’ followed suit.

Now, after some time flying under the radar, the 23-year-old Scottish singer-songwriter is taking things in a different direction with a fresh new look and sound, sporting a natural brunette crop and being signed to a new record label. In the past year, Nina has been developing her sound, moving away from her pop roots and coming into her own with a set of self-released singles named after locations such as ‘Los Angeles’, ‘Manchester’, ‘Brisbane’ and ‘Ontario’.

Nina’s new self-produced single ‘The Moments I’m Missing’, featuring Goody Grace, is an honest and relatable reflective of her life thus far, touching on friendship, love, fame and regret. Comparably to her earlier records, Nina’s latest release - which was originally only intended to be an intro track - is stripped back, letting the lyrics take the spotlight and form the narrative.

We spoke to Nina about the inspirations behind her new single, discovering her unique traits, unusual hobbies and her upcoming sophomore album.

You released your new single, ‘The Moments I’m Missing’, earlier this month. What were the inspirations behind that?

I started writing for other artists full time and I decided that I wanted to be a writer. It got to the point where I was writing about other artists’ stories all day but a part of me still wanted to write about my own. So I went home and started writing at night in my ‘Night Watch Studio’ - because I always write at night - and I found this piano sample. I had an idea and already had most of the lyrics written down but no melody or anything, and I just kinda wrote it. I’ve had three and a half years since my last album so I’ve had a lot of time to grow up and reflect on things that have happened. This generation is so focused on what’s next that this song is just about stepping back and taking in all the things that have happened in your life.

How have you evolved, both musically and personally, since your last album in 2014?

Personally, I’m a lot more clear on who I am, what I’m good at and what I’m not good at. Musically, working with other singers has helped me figure out what I can do that other artists necessarily can’t. Finding that one thing that you can do differently is key. As an artist, it’s important to have an instantly recognisable trait. So I guess I discovered that my falsetto and lyrics are my unique things.

What is one of the most significant things you have learned during your career?

Just be yourself. I know it sounds so corny but if you’re trying to be someone else, it’s gonna be obvious to people watching. If you’re authentic; you’re singing and writing from the heart, people will connect even if they don’t necessarily love your style of music. They’ll still appreciate it.

Do you have any unusual hobbies?

I like painting. I’m quite a gym freak at the moment. I’ve started dancing. I used to do rhythmic gymnastics as a kid and I did a lot of ballet, so I’ve picked ballet back up again. I’ve been doing street dancing, which is really embarrassing and I hope no one ever sees me do it [laughs].

What do you have planned next besides the new single?

Probably play some headline shows, get more songs out and then get the album out early next year. See where it takes me!


Nina’s track ’The Moment I’m Missing Feat. Goody Grace’ is out now via this link.
For her latest info head to www.ninanesbittmusic.com

Interview by Aimee Phillips  

Photography Jack Alexander 

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