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’Oh Wonder’ are a London based alt pop-duo consisting of the stunning and beautifully talented Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West. The South East London-based duo have gained massive interest, via their sound cloud capturing the attention of ’Island Records’. The duo met through a mutual friend, whilst Josephine was working as a solo artist and Anthony was part of the band ’The Futures’, later moving on to becoming part of ’We the Wild’ project.

’Oh Wonder’ have sold out shows in London, New York, Paris, LA and this year they released their second studio album titled ’Ultralife’.  Full of soul, positivity, light and meaning we get to chat to the duo about the new album, career highlights and the importance of keeping your clothes on.

What has been your biggest personal achievement so far in your career?

One moment that really stuck out to us is when we were playing in New York at a beautiful venue called ’Terminal 5’. I remember having the best visual I turned around, when the confetti exploded and saw Anthony twirling around. He was completely wrapped in the moment, and consumed by the audience and music. It was a real ’pinch yourself moment’, and we felt like we were reliving as our teenage selves on stage. 

So you have just released your new album ’Ultralife’, tell us more about the inspiration behind the album?We wrote a lot of it in New York, we had just finished touring and took a month of. We had a lot to write about when we sat down to create, we had travelled to a lot of cities across the world, so naturally this is were we drew inspiration from. After writing the album, we continued to tour for six months, and as soon as we got back we began recording. The album is a celebration of life, and how it can be a constant source of inspiration. 

Both of you were in the music industry prior to meeting, how did you meet and eventually form ’Oh Wonder’?

We met seven years ago, when I went to one of Josephine’s concerts she was playing a solo gig in High Wycombe. I began to do lighting for her concert, after the concert we spoke for a while. However it wasn’t till two or three years later that we began properly hanging out. I began producing Josephine’s music, gradually we formed ’Oh Wonder’. It has been a great experience working with each other,as we really play of each others strengths. Josephine is a fantastic writer, and I am always able to develop a sound to what we believe matches the lyrics. 

What do you believe makes you stand out from other artists in todays generation? 

We keep our clothes on! I think that differentiates us from a lot of other artists at the moment - certainly the females! We are big advocates of our music coming first, and want to continuously aspire to put our music first before anything else. We have also built up an amazing community of fans, we like being in touch with our fans. We want them to feel like they are able to discuss our music with us, and communicate with us about the way our music makes them feel. 

What piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue a career in the music industry?

Work harder then anybody you know! Give it your everything, say good bye to your weekends, evening and sleep! Have complete faith in what your doing and your journey! Don’t be fearful of rejection continue to strive, and follow your passion! 


Oh Wonder’s album ’Ultralife’ is out 14th July and you can pre-order here.
For their latest new and your dates head to www.ohwondermusic.com.

Interview by Georgia Packham Anderson

Photography Stephanie YT

Video by Killer Showreels


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