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Upcoming London-based artist Pluto Lèbon is set to release her brand new single Unknown accompanied by the official music video, exclusively premiering on 1883 Magazine.

The visuals, directed by Ash Riley and TGD (credits include Loick Essien, Da Beatfreakz), is shot in a rather gloomy black-and-white deserted setting and covers controversial topics such as migration, politics and death throughout which doubtlessly creates a truly thought-provoking atmosphere.

When speaking about her song, Pluto states: “I wrote this song from a place of real uncertainty, where I just wanted answers for things happening around me, but it can also mean different things for the listener. We’re all searching for our own truths and answers. Whatever the question is, I hope this song can spur listeners into actively seeking the answers we need.

What I wanted to do with ‘Unknown’ is challenge minds, mine included, to be more aware of things happening around the world. We certainly all have questions about our own issues, but if we can be more observant of the pain and struggles other people are facing, and be more empathetic, I think the world could be in a better place”. 

Unknown is taken from Pluto’s upcoming EP Atlantis which is due to be released this summer. After listening to her poignant vocals and expressive lyricism, underpinned by an Ezzrah and Ayobeatz-produced beat, we can only look forward to what her project brings.

For the latest on Pluto Lèbon head to www.facebook.com/plutolebon

By Antonia Künzel

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