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Soaking in sounds from Jazz, Motown and Soul early in her childhood, RHEA gathered rich musical influences into her creative headspace all from a young age. RHEA made her first bold move before this Summer with releasing her debut, ’Dreams’ – which was quick to be championed a multitude of online blogs and Spotify’s Fresh Finds’ playlist, this proved her patience and commitment to writing to be fulfilling.

The songwriter grew up in South London, then later moved to Spain and absorbed the Bohemian culture and surrounded herself with the ever-thriving jazz scene, learning the language and developing further. Now, the London based artist’s newest offering, ’Views’ presents her lavish vocal to the forefront. A much more bold appearance is on show than opposed to her atmospheric debut, ‘Dreams’. A melancholic while beautifully mystical tone is presented ordered by the powerful display of arduous, trip-hop drumbeats and ethereal-like synth swells.

RHEA tells us "Views is about stepping back & seeing things for what they are...this was written as commentary on the current wave of change sweeping through our lives & having been awoken to it. When a person makes a big choice there is always a ripple effect upon others.. Views is a song about, defiance, strength & staying true to oneself."

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Words by Chris Graham



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