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In April 2015 singer, songwriter and actress Sabrina Carpenter released her debt album ’Eyes Wide Open’, which successfully launched her career into the music industry. The album is a reflection of Sabrina’s life during the course of three years, where she rose to fame playing the rebellious Maya Hart on the Disney Channel hit series ’Girl Meets World’.

Now aged 18, Sabrina once again makes a reappearance in the spotlight with her follow up album ’EVOLution, released via Hollywood Records. The album features her massive hit single ‘Thumbs’, which is full of electric sounds, bouncy bass lines and punchy lyrics. Following the success of her sold out US tour, she elevate her career to new heights on this side of the Atlantic when she supported The Vamps in their UK and Ireland tour.  Sabrina is definitely one to watch this year with a following of over 14.7 million online and coverage from publications such as Teen Vogue, Seventeen Magazine and People Magazine, 2017 will be another massive year. We chat about her journy to success, inspirations, touring with The Vamps and new album ’Evolution’.

You started of your career as Maya Hart in Disney’s hit series ’Girl Meets World’, how did you land the role, and what was it like playing the character?

I landed the role after a series of auditions. Playing that character will always be one of my favourite accomplishments in life. She had so much depth and so many layers that I was constantly learning new things about her, it was never boring. 

You used the three years working with Disney as inspiration for your album ’Eyes Wide Open’, what was the process of creating this album like? Why did you choose to use your previous years with Disney as inspiration?

I wanted to give my debut album the time it deserved and I happened to be working full time on the show. My debut album definitely represented where I was in my life as a thirteen/fourteen year old girl, it was very stripped back and innocent and luckily I think, it laid the foundation for me to go anywhere I wanted from there musically. 


What was it like making the transition from the acting industry into music?

It was actually the opposite, I signed with my label when I was twelve years old, then acting took over for a bit. The nice thing is I tell my own stories with my music and I get to tell other people’s stories through film, But I’ve still got a lot to learn about both sides. 

What has been your biggest personal achievement thus far in your career?

I’m not gonna lie everyday I’m blown away by how much I’ve done but how much I still have yet to do. I’m very proud of the touring I’ve done so far. Music has taken me to many places. Places where I don’t even speak the language but somehow I get by just fine with hugs and "I love you’s" because that’s something we all understand (which makes me feel really good inside) I’m proud when I get to bring an audience of completely different people together into one room for a night and fill that room with love, excitement, acceptance, and positivity.

You have been touring/supporting British pop- rock band The Vamps, what has this experience been like?

It was my first time touring around Europe and every crowd blew me away. They sing along to every lyric. Also I got to watch The Vamps every night for free! I never once got bored of their show. they are incredible performers and make you feel the music. I love that. 

Who are your favourite musicians? 

I’m inspired by a multitude of artists. I love musicians who embody such a strong sense of individuality. Strong voices like Christina Aguilera, Rihanna, Beyoncé, Adele, I’m very drawn to them. But grew up with classics like The Beatles, Etta James, Prince, who have influenced me as a writer. 

Tell us more about your single ’Thumbs’ and the inspiration behind the music video and how you found the shooting process?

I wanted the video to feel like exactly what you would see on a normal subway. It’s inter rum period where we’re all on our way to some place but we’re sort of just twiddling our thumbs until we get there. 

We shot the video in one take and that’s the story I’m sticking to that because it sounds way more impressive. 

Describe your new album ’Evolution’ and the inspiration behind it?

The album really wrote itself, it was my job to decide the main theme that tied everything together. I decided it was growth and love.

I wanted it to feel like I took you on my journey, but really wanted you to feel like you saw yourself on your own journey as well. Like you could visualize yourself in the songs. 

Where did you grow up, and did you always want to be a performer?

I grew up in Pennsylvania, in the middle of the woods, it’s very open and empty. Left a lot to my imagination. I remember singing at my elementary school talent show, and from then on I wanted to be on every stage I saw. 

What other upcoming projects are you currently working on?

The less you know the better!!! But it’s all coming very soon. Until then I’ll be on tour for the summer soooo I’ll see you there? 

Check our Sabrina’s video for ’Thumbs’ below and for all her latest news and tour dates head to sabrinacarpenter.com.

Interview by Georgia Packham Anderson

Photography Stephanie YT

Styling Indigo Goss

Hair Yuko Aoi

Make up Lillie Russo

Fashion Assistant Hafsa Hussain

Shot at The Woods, London

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