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DJ Sasha Brown emerged in the music scene after her collaboration with Nathan Barato in his Top 40 Track “Talk On”. She quickly built her way up to the top, having gained support from industry tastemakers such as Rinse FM and BBC Radio 1’s Pete Tong.

While she is having her very own radio show at Hoxton Radio in London, she is also a highly gifted singer-songwriter, with her debut single ‘Parallel’ released today. We had a chat with the open-minded artist, and talked about Radio, singing and Charli Cohen.

You’re a radio presenter, singer/songwriter and saxophonist. Very impressive! When did you find your passion for all things music? 

I’ve always loved music and wanted to become a singer. When I went to University, I was involved with the Uni radio station. I was also one of the jazz band singers throughout Uni. In second year I had the chance to work as an Assistant Producer at Heart Radio and also did a couple of projects for the BBC.

When I came back to London, I tried to figure out how to make it in the music industry. I just tried to make it happen. I had met Nathan Barato in Space, Ibiza the year before and we had been emailing demos back and forth. I remember this one summer, I had this little idea so recorded it on my iPhone in my kitchen and sent it over to him. He was working with Jamie jones at the time. They were feeling and that recording ended up being cut. It was Top 40 Techno charts for 10+ weeks and got Radio 1 play with Pete Tong, which was just unbelievable.

…And what activity do you enjoy most, singing or being on the radio?

I love both, I think they go hand in hand because as a Radio DJ, I’m constantly listening to and being inspired by new music. I present on Hoxton radio. When I came back to London after Uni, I was working at this Rolling Stones Event as a waitress! Hoxton was there and approached me, we kept emailing and they wanted me to be on their radio. At first I was known as Sidekick Sasha but now I have my own show, which is amazing as it means I get to curate my own playlists.

As a radio DJ you have interviewed various big artists like Clean Bandit and WSTRN. Do interviews count to your favourite activities on the radio?

It’s definitely one of my favourite activities as I love hearing about other people’s journeys. I always say that my four favourite things in life, In order, are Music, Fashion, Drink and Food – so that’s what I talk about on my show!

Tell us about your debut track Parallel? 

It’s a reflection of where we’re at today. I co-wrote it with these guys Joe Kearns and Jason Elliot - who are awesome.

I came into the session with this word that had been playing on my mind for a while: parallel. 

Jason was saying how the world’s kinda messed up and sometimes it’s hard to feel a connection when everything feels so lost. For me, there’s a frustration behind the song. It’s about a relationship. Two people are moving together - in the same direction - at the same speed but, for some reason, they aren’t coming together.  

From the outside, everything looks perfect but it’s not - there’s no connection.

What kind of music would we find on your private playlist?

There’s a massive mix! You would find my DJ House stuff, commercial pop remixes, Sia, Jax Jones, Tove Lo and Astrid S!

What is your approach when writing songs? How does inviting co-writers work out for you?

I’m constantly writing, I play lyric games too as I like to toy with words, see how many meanings you can derive from something. I take my ideas to the studio and then work with the producers to make those ideas come to life. It’s always good to have stuff in the back pocket. Coming to the studio with nothing and leaving with a track you’ve created together, now that’s pretty cool.

For your music video to Parallel you collaborated with Charlie Cohen – how did the collaboration come

So, Charli Cohen (the fashion designer) and I have been following each other on Twitter for the past couple of years. I’m very into fashion and have done some modelling in the past. After her LFW 2017 showcase, I just messaged her saying I wanted to collaborate.

I came up with a concept for the video as I could literally see it in my head. I pitched it to her and her partner, Ben Thompson, who’s an amazing videographer and director. They were on it so we got Ben’s team, PXL Post, together and shot the video one weekend! 

The shoot was really good fun. I love Charli’s designs and the team were all vibing so it was great!

What else can we expect from you this year?

You can definitely expect more music.

I’m playing Secret Garden Party 12 P.M., Saturday 22nd July!

I’m so excited as I’m playing the same stage as some of my favourite acts at the moment - including Mabel, Zak Abel and Bonzai!

I’m also playing Metropolis Rising at Bicester Village on Friday 28th July.

More coming - and I’ll be posting gig dates on my socials.

You can check out Sasha’s new track Parallel below. Plus for all her latest new head to www.sashabrownmusicofficial.com

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