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A singer, songwriter, saxophonist and radio DJ - talent is something that Sasha Brown is certainly not short of, and her latest single is certainly one to watch for success. After the amazing reception to her previous single, Parallel, the highly anticipated response for Model Behaviour (Sasha’s latest single), is nothing but positive.

Someone with this much music history in them is always bound to produce amazing material, and with a huge string of support from adoring fans and supporters, Sasha is about to celebrate her second single release and we have the premiere here on 1883.

We really wanted to know more about the meaning of Model Behaviour, and to hear about the history of Sasha Brown and how she got into the music industry, so we sat down and had a chat to find out more.

Hi Sasha, how are you?
Good thanks! Fully recovered from my single launch party last week! It was awesome. MNKY HSE on Dover street hosted the party and Aluna Coconut rum sponsored it and got everyone a little wavy. I played a live set and then a DJ and sax set. Definitely gonna be doing this every single launch now!

We cannot wait! So thanks for sitting down and talking with us today! Your second single; Model Behaviour is out today! How excited are you for that?
I feel like it was one of the first songs I wrote that really came from the heart! That scared me a little because it felt so real. So it makes me nervous to release it, but it’s also exciting because it feels so real. 

Sounds amazing! Lets talk about Model Behaviour, whats the concept behind this track?

There’s a bipolar theme to the song. It’s about extreme lows and extreme highs. I knew a lot of models growing up and was in the industry for a bit. I remember walking into a club one night and we were on this ‘model table’ and I just remember that this model had come over from Australia and had obviously come to the club on her own after being invited by a promoter. She was trying really hard to make friends and I just remember thinking that she was probably really lonely by herself in London. There’s this façade that being a model is so wonderful and you get to fly around the world for shoots. I did some modelling. I was never that involved in the industry but I was part of the crowd enough to know that a lot of these models were quite insecure and that was largely the fault of the industry and how they were treated and also due to the nature of the job! This is NOT a song against models or the industry-I want to make that clear. It is more about the idea that certain industries facilitate a lifestyle where either you’re having the best day of your entire life or life sucks. There’s a lot of rejection. The song is about extreme highs and extreme lows. Happy days! 

Wow! So quite a deep and meaningful concept behind the track then! Speaking of Model Behaviour, was this track influenced by any other artists, or even your own previous music?

Not really, I really feel like the song is me! People have referenced Shakira and Rita Ora though… I’ll take that!

Yes what a huge compliment! Now, youre a very musical person, and we were so intrigued by your background - tell us a little more about how you got into music!

I don’t remember getting into music because I don’t remember a time when music wasn’t part of my life. I have always sung and I started playing the sax at 8 because the guy in the music shop said I should play clarinet and I wouldn’t be able to blow the sax and I wanted to prove him wrong. I was so obsessed with ABBA that I got my teacher to write out the letters on the book because I couldn’t read music at the time! At Uni, I was Head of Music for the radio station, which really broadened my music knowledge and taste and yeah, music has always been my primary passion and focus.

Wow! So it seems that music is something youd always wanted to go into then?

Always, literally always. The dream has never changed.

As well as sing you also DJ and play the saxophone (are there any limits to your talents?!) - would you say that these skills have really helped you when it comes to producing and writing your own material? 

Ah ha thank you! 100%, I’m constantly surrounded by music and so I’m constantly learning and being inspired by new sounds and styles. Playing the sax helps me with my music theory and being a DJ has also improved my knowledge of musical structure and knowing what music and remixes are going to work for crowds and clubs. I’m actually currently doing a DJ course at Point Blank music school to learn the little tricks like manual looping etc! Highly recommended.

You are, undoubtedly, a huge inspiration for many people wanting a career in music - do you have any key advice for someone starting out? 

HUSTLE! Don’t stop and also, know your self worth. Hard work will almost always overcome talent (if you have a bit of that too). That was the advice Grace from Clean Bandit gave me when I interviewed her for my radio show on Hoxton Radio and now that’s the message I’m passing on!

And finally, to all your fans reading this, do you have a message? 

I think it’s what I said above. HUSTLE. If you love something enough, you’ll keep going, so don’t stop and if you do, have a really good reason for it. Never take no for an answer, but know how long to wait before asking again. (Made that mistake before!) Out now on all major platforms! Stream, download illegally, pay me, I don’t care, just take a listen!

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Interview by Gabby Fabrizio

Photography Nastassja Thompson 

Makeup Zara Kaplan Makeup 

Stylist Pinkllamas

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