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Seinabo Sey, the 27 year-old wondrous songstress has shared new, stunning visuals that fully embrace her colourful Swedish-Gambian heritage.

Since the release of her newly released second album I’m a Dream, Seinabo Sey recognises her self-worth and is no longer compromising music by making it more ‘acceptable’ for others. This year, establishes her new found self-confidence through realisation and the exploration of black womanhood alongside the celebration of just that.

With this exhibit of her proud declaration of her roots, Seinabo is determined to give us the source of where her art comes from, as Gambia is the place in which her other avant-garde music videos were shot including Breathe, Remember and I Owe You Nothing. Sey has previously emphasised the significance of showing West Africa without a major pop label context, unlike larger sensations such as Beyoncè and Kendrick Lamar. Despite adoring the two, Seniabo Sey wanted to exhibit her view of her native land without filtering it through a Western lens, demonstrating a more nuanced picture of what she sees as her part of the world.

In this new 2-minute long clip, the Swedish soul powerhouse shares a delicate, vulnerable visual through images and videos of the Gambian landscapes as a monologue plays in the background. “There’s so much art everywhere, and beauty in all of the rough stuff. And beauty in all of the easy things. You know, there’s just an array of different things to show so I’m really happy, I’m really happy and if anything, this is worth it”. She proudly declares, and rightfully so.

For the latest on Seinabo Sey visit www.seinabosey.com

Words by Ashley Morris


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