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After a whirlwind year, Sonny is back and switching it up with the heartfelt track ‘Yesterday’s Gone’. In this ballad form, Sonny can showcase his smooth, soulful voice to best effect. The artist, signed to Never Fade Records, develops the style established in the critically acclaimed debut EP ‘Hopeless Romance’, which came out earlier in the year.

Dealing with the universal theme of heartbreak and the struggle to move on from a fresh, insightful angle, ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ delivers lyrically, as well as vocally. As the artist explains in his own words: “’Yesterday’s Gone’ is about the denial you feel when a relationship is over. It’s the nostalgic feeling of a time that has long gone, but still feels as though it was yesterday. It’s about the struggle of moving on and not quite believing that it’s happening. This is a personal experience of mine and I think many others can relate to the same situation. I loved getting involved in the production of this song - I’m really inspired by The Beatles and wanted to have some George Martin style strings as part of the sound."

Sonny has been one of the recent success stories on the UK music scene. It sounds like ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ is set to capitalise on the momentum set by Sonny’s debut, and open his music up to a host of new fans.

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