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Introducing you to Synapson, a French electronic duo consisting of multi-instrumentalist Alexandre Chiere and producer and mixer Paul Cucuron. Having met when they were only kids they quickly discovering their mutual love for music. In high school they ultimately decided to found Synapson, an idea which emerged during a biology class.
Their new upcoming album, Super 8, is set to be released next month and features a boastful selection of artists – including London’s singer L Marshall on their current single All The Way Down.

We caught up with Alexandre and chatted about all things Synapson, influences and the meaning behind the album.

What led to the foundation of Synapson? 

We have known each other for a long long time. We always saw each other in summer and in your teenage years you talk about lot of things so we used to talk about girls a lot but the topic we talked about the most was music. Year after year we saw each other, and when we were 14 years old we talked about making music together. As soon as Paul arrived in Paris we decided to make music together. We bought a keyboard, drums and then when Paul was sitting in his biology class he was being taught about synapsis which is something in your brain. He sent me a text and told me that we should be called Synapson - the communication between people and the music. That’s when Synapson was born. Our relationship with music just works, it’s very stable.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your music? 

Everything! Except maybe electronic music. We do electronic music but we listen to a lot of stuff. Paul used to listen to a lot of hip hop but also electronics. I come from a music background where I listen to a lot of swing, but also house music from the 90’s. At the beginning when we started music when you portray more genres than others. We both love one kind of music, which is soul. We really like it and also world music. The most important influence is soul and house in our music. 

Do you have a favourite artist?

So many. For example, Paul is a huge fan of Michael Jackson, and we are also a big fan of The Streets. So many more. 

You gained a lot of popularity for your remake of DjonMaya - how did the idea for a remake come about? Why exactly did you choose this song? 

Well, we really like world music and I love the melodies. We have a radio in France which plays a lot of world music. I was with a friend and he told me to listen to this song. I thought it was so good and sent it to Paul and told me to make the beat differently. I was working on a house beat and this came about. The most amazing thing was meeting the original artist. It was very emotional. 

Your current single All The Way Down features L Marshall - how did you meet him and how was working with him? 

We were working on the album and usually only Paul and I work on the tracks and then look out for features. We then meet with singers and so on, and ask if they wanna try the song in the studio. We met L Marshall in the studio in London, our label and publishing had different artists and told us to meet them. We met a lot, among them was L Marshall. In the beginning we were working on the track but in the end we didn’t feel like he was really on it. So Paul made the beat and I played some chords and then he came back and we all had some whiskey and created a bootleg. After we drank the whole bottle L Marshall said he might have come up with something. He took the mic and it was great. He is a great artist. 

What else can you tell us about your upcoming album?

The album is called Super 8. It is the same name as this old school camera. Super 8 is a camera which when you shoot with it, you can see that it is old. We wanted to do the same with our music if that makes sense. Because the influence for the album is house music from the 90’s. Your going to find hip-hop, soul music, pop as well. When we started this album we thought to have one direction. We listen to so much music though so we have a lot influences. Every album is important but this one took so much time. 

How would you say your sound has developed since your last album releases? 

A lot of things changed. First of all, we have a new keyboard. Today everyone can make music with a laptop where you can create everything. We like to use real instruments. I’m the musician of us and Paul is more the engineer, he composes as well. He put himself to a next level - it sounds more mature, bigger and massive. You can feel a big difference, also in the mixing part. 

You are going on tour, what can your audience expect? 

It is going to be difficult because we are going to play an album which is not out yet. We are also gonna play the biggest ones from the last one which fans know. We really start freaking out and don’t know how fans react. But our fans are great, and at our gig in Paris a few weeks ago it was amazing! They were very supportive which was amazing. 

Synapson’s treack ’All The Way Down (feat. L Marshall)’ is out now and for the latest on Synapson head to www.synapson.fr

Interview Antonia Künzel

Photography Anna Urik 

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