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It’s amazing to see how far The Modern Strangers have come, the Kent duo continue to grow from strength to strength. Their latest summer has seen them play a grueling 17 festivals, their prominent guitar riffs, unique sound and hard work has only paid off and picked them up a fair few new and eager fans!

The Modern Strangers aren’t work shy or growing tired of live shows. We caught up with them to discuss their kind of a night out, optimum hangover cures and their biggest gig to date playing Standon Calling Christmas Party on Dec 13th at The Lexington.

You have explained your sound as ‘disco with a leather jacket’, can you explain this further?

It’s the idea of our two favourite genres coming together, rock/indie and disco music. We try to combine to two worlds.

What early influences have helped you with your music? 

Early last year, before we’d started the band we’d go to this club in London that played disco music all evening. It was amazing to see the songs be so irresistible to dance to, especially as they were almost three times older than the majority of people in there. We wanted to take the magic of those songs (Kool & The Gang, BeeGees, William Onyeabor) and bring them into our world.

How does the brother dynamic influence the way you work, does it make your work easier? 

It’s not something we have ever really thought about. We grew up in the middle of nowhere, we couldn’t just pop to the park and hang out with the other kids. I guess that naturally made us hang out more than other siblings!

You’ve played in some major festivals; which gig has been your favourite to date? 

BBC Radio 1’s big weekend was an incredible experience. The level of acts playing throughout the day was a bit mind bending. As we were leaving Lana Del Rey floated past in a ballgown amongst a swarm of body guards. Secret Garden Party was also a highlight. We stayed for the whole weekend. I imagine it’s the nearest we’ll ever get to visiting Mars. 

You have a new track out, called All The Time, who was involved in the single, how did it evolve?

We came up with the guitar riff at first. Had it for a few months and then formed a rough song around it. We then spent a few days with our regular producer,  Gordon Mills Jr and finished it up. We record the majority of our songs with him. He’s a genius! 

What’s All The Time about? Is there a story behind this one? 

There’s not much mystery behind this one. It’s about a lot of people I’ve met over the years, sort of summarised as one person/girl in the song. It’s the story of someone who go out on a Saturday night and get in on a Monday morning. 

I have read that it’s about the sun coming up when you’re still out... have you had a few of these nights/mornings? 

Of course! I’m sure everyone has at some point? It’s always a horrible feeling when someone says it’s getting light outside...

What is it about this single you are most proud of? 

The guitar riff sounds really big when we play it live. In fact, it’s one of the songs that goes down the best during our sets. This played a big part of it becoming a single! 

Thinking about those kind of nights, what is your idea of the ‘best’ night out for you guys?

As long as it involves good music, that’s the main thing! We’re not really massive fans of nightclubs. I think we’d rather spend an evening in a pub or a bar than spend an evening in a place with sticky floors and stickier shots.  

What’s your prescription for curing a hangover? 

Our drummer Will has actually started up his own drinks company for exactly this. It’s called Overhang and it has all the right ingredients in it to sort you out in the morning! It’s great as he’ll bring it on tour with us for when we’re feeling a bit fuzzy the next day. 

Are you night or morning people? 


You are going from strength to strength with your music, radio play and fans... what’s next for you guys? 

We’re always writing and rehearsing. We have one show left for this year. It’s on 13th December at The Lexington as part of the Standon Calling Christmas club night. We have a song we’re really excited about that we’ll be releasing early next year, possibly as an EP. We’re very much looking forward to it all! 

Modern Strangers will be playing Standon Calling Christmas Party on Dec 13th at The Lexington. for more info head to www.facebook.com/pg/themodernstrangers

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