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Fresh from dropping ‘Sweet Lies’ and underground banger ‘Brand New’, DJ and Producer Wilkinson returns this month with his 2nd album titled ‘Hypnotic’.

1883 caught up with the multi-talented musician to talk all things, music, twitter and fan girl related with the rising star. 

Who are your current musical influences?

I’d say they’re more outside of drum and bass at the moment; I like Bonobo, Flume and the guys that are doing the more musical sort of hip hop. I really wanna take my drum and bass stuff down that road a little bit… but I’m also just listening to loads of different types of music… I’m not really influenced in what I do from the music that I listen to but I try and bring in different ideas from different genres and things like that… When I started off it was definitely people like High Contrast, Hospital Camp (Hospital Records), Pendulum and people like that… I think it’s changing now (it’s more of a ‘harder’ style) so I’m trying to bring in a bit more musical stuff…

So how did you get into the music scene?

Since I was 9 I got a drum kit… I kept trying to make music in a band, but didn’t get anywhere because I was the drummer. I decided I had to do it on my own and started producing and the rest is history… I was signed when I was 21 – I gave myself that as a cut-off, that if I didn’t sign by then I’d give it up… now it’s 7 years down the road, with my second album on its way!

So we know that your single ‘Afterglow’ ft Becky Hill, was such a banger. How do you think the second album will compare?

All the elements for ‘Afterglow’ to be a hit came together nicely… from the new album we had that with ‘Sweet Lies’ … things can grow more quickly now – the first time you hear it, it’s ‘out’ (released) and the music speaks for itself really…

You don’t appear in your own music videos… why?

I think I have once, then we scrapped the video! I prefer to be making the music, being creative… it’s good to get a good director to listen to the track objectively and come up with their idea… Sometimes you get a director who’s like ‘this is what it reminds me of… this is what we should do with it…’ – ‘Afterglow’ was one of those ones – Remy (the Director) smashed it. With new single ‘We Will Be’ with Matt Wills – the Director came up with an amazing idea… these kids competing with one another, hanging from a bar in the gym… and it’s quite an uplifting song so it worked really well.

Who have you worked with who you’ve been in awe of?

Andreya Triana – she was someone that I’d always wanted to work with. Her voice is just incredible. Fortunately, I managed to work with her on the album and we’re now working out what we’re gonna do next… she’s further developing a fan-base internationally, and stuff like that…

So you grew up in London?

Yeah in Richmond, just down the road.

How did you actually get into that type of music?

My brother gave me a mix tape of dance music, samples… and then I became fascinated with it. The beat was up my street being a drummer… then I went and saw Scientific DJ in Herbal, when we were about 16 – it was amazing seeing someone create their tunes during the week and perform them on the weekend… and I knew that was what I wanted to do… I never thought I’d make it – I was working at a Garden Centre… but it just took that one moment of someone saying that they liked my song… and to be able to do it for a living, it’s just crazy.

Who have you got on your iTunes at the moment – top 5?

Flume, Lenovo, Stormzy, Tove Lo and… I guess up and coming drum and bass guys: Dimension, 1991…

What do you think about the US really taking a liking to what we’re (UK) doing?

With drum and bass… I can sell 3,500 tickets in UK but 150 tickets (in an equivalent venue) in the US … it (drum and bass) hasn’t really blown up over there like it has here… it’s amazing to see how Grime is doing over there… if only there was 2 of me… I can only fly about so much… and now having the tour on with 10 shows a month around the UK, Europe and US in May… summer festivals, then South Africa and Asia, it’s keeping me busy…

Who is your celebrity crush?

Shannon Saunders… Margot Robbie… I’d say Margot… it used to be Mila Kunis…

Drake or Skepta?

Drake – I’ve always liked the musical aspects to his tunes… his flow and his style…

Do people confuse you for Wilkinson convenience store?

Haha, yeah – my Twitter page is actually half the Wilkinson store complaints! I make really annoying replies just to wind them up! They changed their name to Wilko as well!

Funniest fan story?

A girl was at my gig the whole night, right at the front where I was DJing… she was staying at the same hotel and I ended up bumping into her in the lift – she had a towel, like the one the MC and I were given at the gig… I asked her where she got it and she said Wilkinson gave it to her – she had no idea she was talking to me! I recorded it, the video ended up everywhere!


Wilkinson’s new album ’Hypnotic’ is out this friday, pre-order here and check out the video for ’wash Away’ below.
For all his latest new and live dates head to www.wilkinson-music.com

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