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Zoofan is a musical duo coming out of London, melding together indie and electronic influences in a sonic fusion reminiscent of Glass Animals, who they cite as a formative influence.

Capturing the non-stop freneticism of the city, underscored by the yearning, expansive tendencies of a dreamer who refuses to be contained by the concrete gridlock, Zoofan’s music provides the perfect soundtrack to London life. We talked to the band’s members, Hamish Wallace and Max Walker, about debut single ‘Sunbeam’, the boys’ musical journey, and the band’s exciting plans for the future…

How did you meet?

Hamish: going way back we went to school together in Windsor and we actually sat next to each other in registration because our surnames are Walker and Wallace and that got us talking, we became mates, and then we didn’t talk again for ten years (not intentionally!). After all those years we randomly met up again in a bar in Brixton and started Zoofan.

Max: it was kind of a cheesy discussion over a beer like; ‘We should start a band together,’ and that’s kind of how it was born.

Why did you choose the name ZOOFAN?

Max: My girlfriend and I were writing a children’s book, she is illustrator so it makes a little bit more sense. The book was going to be called ‘Going to the Zoofan’, and we decided that it [zoofan] would be a great band name. It’s a bit of an odd story and the name doesn’t have special meaning behind it, we just thought it sounded fun. We’re not just massive fans of the zoo, although I am quite partial to going to the zoo!

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Max: This is divided, I think

Hamish: I think we definitely have different musical influences. Sometimes it aligns, we both love Phoenix…

Both: A bit of Arcade Fire

Hamish: I’m quite into my American bands - Death Cab for Cutie, Jimmy Eat World. We both like Foals.

Max: I am more of a ‘golden oldie’ guy - David Bowie

How would you describe your music to someone who’d never heard it before?

Hamish: There’s definitely a strong element of electronic but also an indie element with the guitars and vocals - electro indie rock. Or synth rock. Blue Monday meets ‘Wake Up’ by Arcade Fire.

Tell us about your debut single, Sunbeam?

Max: It’s about when you’re trying to take picture and it looks nice but then the actual photo is bad - it’s a beautiful moment you can’t recreate.

What can you reveal about your forthcoming EP?

Max: This new EP is the beginning of the progression of our sound — there are some tracks that we wrote a year ago, which have a different vibe. We’ve not quite finished recording but hopefully we can get everything down. The beginning of the EP reflects our sound when we first started out while other tracks will be very clean and polished.

What have you got planned for the near future?

Hamish: We’re rebuilding our studio and we’re doing lots of shows - we’re going back to Paris in November or December. There’s lots of things in the pipeline - like we want to go to Poland [to perform].

Who would you most like to work with?

Max: Maybe Flume…it would be amazing to work with Damon Albarn (from English virtual band the Gorillaz). That would be a proper kid dream!

Zoofan’s track Sunbeam is out now and for more info on the duo visit www.facebook.com/iamzoofan

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